Dancer / Fitness Instructor / Hookah Queen / Singer / TV Personality

  Kaylin back shot by derek gWith just about a million fans and followers, Kaylin Garcia is poised to become a force in Entertainment to be reckoned with. At the age of 22, this Homestead, Florida native stepped onto the television screen and hearts of America in 2012 with her Reality Show debut on VH-1’s infamous, “Love & Hip Hop”.

Backtracking a bit, Kaylin was born and raised in humble beginnings in a single parent home. Her father, a victim of drug abuse had not been consistent in her upbringing. Her mother, an immigrant from Thailand buckled down and took care of her family. Kaylin is the middle child. She has a sister, Simone who is one year older and a two year old brother, JP.

Garcia’s dance career began with ballet but hip-hop and jazz were soon added to the repertoire. Her natural talent and infectious personality set her apart from the rest and in time she was teaching classes and working toward her goal of becoming a Choreographer. By the time she was 19, Garcia had become a pivotal part of the Miami dance community; however, she wanted to take her career a step further. At 20 she began exploring health & fitness and became a certified Zumba Instructor. Staying healthy and fit has always been a desire of Kaylin’s. “I love to work out”, states Kaylin. “It is the perfect start to my day”. As an Instructor by day, Kaylin combined her fit physique with her dance moves and was often casted for Miami based produced music videos.

At the end of 2013, Kaylin started her own fitness brand called TwerkOut where she combines the ever popular twerking with other cardio combinations designed to speed up the heart rate and drop the weight. Kaylin provides weekly classes in New York City and she has toured all of the USA with her brand.

Kaylin’s television debut was birthed in 2011 where she was featured in a music video featuring Birdman, Mystical, and Lil Wayne. With a distinctive look, Kaylin was then casted in videos for Trina, JaySean and The Dream.

Now sexy in the city, Kaylin has settled in the Big Apple and has set her sights…higher. Coming off of a crazy season of “Love & Hip Hop”, Kaylin was immediately casted in a Reebok commercial featuring Rick Ross. She was also voted “Best Body” for 2013’s Juicy Magazine among the likes of Ciara and Evelyn Lozado.

In 2014, she has graced the covers of Magazines such as Rhyme N Dimes; Iadore; SHOW; iDymes; and Black Men.

Taking twerking to another level, Kaylin and her manager, Lynn Hobson, have created a phenomenal fitness brand entitled, “TwerkOut”. Well over 5,000 females have traveled from far and wide to get a glimpse of Kaylin’s bod and walking away with a fun and sexy way to get and stay fit.

  Making her mark in music, her single, “Want It More” is now available on iTunes. The music video garnered well over eight hundred thousand views with no promotion.

During the summer of 2014, Kaylin appeared as a “Wild N Out Girl” on Nick Cannon’s MTV hit show, “Wild N Out” which is airing now.

Kaylin’s highly anticipated 2015 “Instagram Themed” Calendar will be available soon!

Her winterized maxi dress line will also debut in 2015 as well.

Taking her talents to another level, Kaylin is now painting. With women empowerment themed paintings, she manages to paint beautiful women of color with curvaceous bods as well as choice paintings of her beta fish Sky Blue and a New York State of Mind Collection. Her artwork will be available in the Spring.

For additional information information and/or interview requests, contact Lynn Hobson at (212) 755-7900. You may also connect with Kaylin at:

Instagram/Twitter: @kaylin_garcia

Youtube: Kaylin Garcia